What Kevin Believes


Kevin’s beliefs:

People follow you / hire you not for what you do, but for why you do it. What you do simply serves as the proof of what you believe.

If you talk about what you believe, it will attract those who believe what you believe.


The marine ornamental industry:

The marine ornamental fish industry transcends borders and I believe more effort needs to be taken to ensure that diseases do not transcend these same borders.

I believe that aquariums, large and small, all have an unprecedented educational and aesthetic value and see them as an amazing tool to teach the globe about the unknown world under the surface.

I believe that many consumers would switch to more sustainable practices or purchase fish / inverts that are collected in a sustainable manner if they were made aware of how the hobby is altering the reefs.


Other beliefs:

I am skeptic and early adopter.

I believe that people should always be their own devil’s advocates and research the arguments of the opposing opinion.

I believe that people should be kind, courteous, helpful, and cheerful towards others.